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#1 gwegner
Hey guys, thanks for your feedback to the last betas! After a lot of testing and some fixes, I've now released beta 4.

If you don't find any bugs in the beta, this could be the 5.3 release. Please check out, what's changed and let me know your experiences!

This is what's new:
  • Auto transition will now be applied to the selected part of the sequence if more than 1 images are selected.
  • On some systems scrolling to the right folder on startup did not work as espected, if the preview panel was quite wide. Fixed.
  • Compositions (File/Create composition) from TIFF sequences will now be exported as TIFF. Also 16bit Tiff Sequences are now supported for composite creation.
  • In some cases when using batch operations the "finished" flag of the current folder could get reset. Fixed.
  • Improved progressbar for deflicker and multipass deflicker.
  • Creating the Visual previews will now play a "ding" sound, if more than 100 previews have been created. (if not deactivated in the settings)
  • In Visual Workflow now the green Smooth curve will only be showed, when the Visual Deflicker Button is activated.
  • When doing an auto transition, the smooth curve will now be reset and rebuild for the next deflicker or refine pass.
  • Some Shortcuts with "Shift" did not work in the previous betas, fixed.
  • Batch multipass deflicker did not respect the reference area, fixed.
  • Batch multipass deflicker dialog could get stuck at 1 pass, fixed.
  • Batch multipass deflicker could launch too many DNG converter instances on mac, fixed.
  • Render color space was not restored from saved settings, fixed.
You'll find the download links here: https://lrtimelapse.com/news/lrtimelapse-5-3-beta/

Please give me feedback in this forum, just open a new thread.
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