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#1 gwegner
Thanks for your feedback to the last beta! Unfortunately for some users there was an issue with a double notification sound when doing the visual previews (see below). I couldn't reproduce that on my systems, but hope that it's fixed now in beta 5. Please let me know, if this issue is now fixed on your systems.
I also did some fixes and improvements to the "Create Composition" dialog.

- Tried to fix double notification sound as reported in https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-lrt...l-previews
- Fixed localization of "Create Preview" in the Composition dialog.
- German: renamed "Überlagerung" into "Komposition" to match the other languages, where it is also "Composition".
- Fixed Radiobutton hover icon in Composition dialog.
- Added taskbar progress indicator to the composition preview generation task.
- Creating Compositions failed in some situations, fixed.
- The last used folder in a composition will now be remembered independently from the render dialog.

You'll find the download links here: https://lrtimelapse.com/news/lrtimelapse-5-3-beta/

Please give me feedback in this forum, just open a new thread.
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