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LRT introducing tilt & zoom in sequence

#1 aksel.gresvig
Hello good people

First off - a huge thanks to Gunther for bringing us yet another revision of improved Timelapse editing software. The new improvements are great!

I'm editing a holy-grail sequence, my first one in this version, and seeing some weird behavior:
Please consider this scrubbing preview of the final, edited, visual preview:

You'll notice a pretty significant "tilt" and "zoom" effect being applied. 
I have no idea where this comes from - I did no zooming during capture nor did I do any tilt editing.

Here is a screencap comparing the first and last frames, including their crop, in Lightroom:
You'll see the framing is identical between the two

My only guess then is that somehow, LRT introduced this behavior during "holy grail" compensation. It makes no sense, but what else could it be?

Thanks for all help
#2 gwegner
Something is wrong with the crop/aspect ratio of the images/keyframes.
To fix it, right click on the column header of one of the crop columns, then “fill down“.
Now save and regenerate the visual previews.

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#3 aksel.gresvig
You were right. Never experienced this before.
But, its resolved now. Thanks Gunther!

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