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LRT JPEG output quality

#1 Sinsear
When outputting the intermediates as a JPEG using the LRT Export options (JPG, Ori) or (JPG, 4K), I noticed that the original resolution JPEGs are around 10-15 MB in size. I'm curious as to what the quality settings are that's being used. For reference, when I export the same RAW as a 100% quality JPEG file (not using the LRT option), it ends up being around 30 MB. Camera is Sony A7r3.

Conversely, why are the TIFF files so massive in comparison to the DNG file? A 50 MB DNG file becomes a 200+ MB TIFF file when exported.
#2 gwegner
The JPGs are exported with a quality slightly below 100%, because it's proven, that 100% does not bring any quality improvements against 90%, it just increases image size.

Tiff is another format with different or no compression. A dng is a compressed (or uncompressed) raw file. When developing it, and storing the result to tiff, it can easily go bigger. If you want details, please google about TIFF file format.
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