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LRT/LR CPU performance

#1 steveaxford
Hi Gunther,
I am trying to get the most performance out of my system.  I am processing up to 2000 42MP raw images in LR to produce LRT video output.  I would like to run multiples of these at once, but my processor is maxed out.  I remember being told that these programs (LR and LRT) are only single threaded and yet my measurements indicate otherwise.  I have an Intel I7 4770 @3.4MHz with 4 cores and 8 logical processors.  If I run a single export from LR to LRT, all 8 logical processors run at around 75% busy.  Also, if I observe how LRT is exporting I see that the count goes - 1.2.3................4.5.6...................7.8.9.................10.11.12... - etc.  This would indicate to me that LR/LRT is processing 3 images at a time and that each image is possibly multi threaded.  This implies that if I use an identical processor with 8 instead of 4 cores, I should significantly improve the performance, particularly if I run multiple exports at once.  Currently if I do two exports then I gain nothing as the CPUs still run at about 75% busy (probably IO limited).  I run solid state disks for all major IO.
#2 gwegner
You have to distinguish between Lightroom and LRTimelapse. The bottleneck is the export from Lightroom. Lightroom used to export single threaded only, but since one of the latest CC upgrades, Adobe changed that. Since then you see that Lightroom exports multiple images at once using multiple cores. You might still start exporting more then one sequence at the same time, bit this won't help as much as it did in the past. The best you could do is leave the computer running over night.
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#3 steveaxford
Sounds like I need a 2000 core machine. Just a small super-computer (for less than $1000).

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