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LRT Pro Timer 2 Firmware 2.0.r9

#1 gwegner
Das ist neu in 2.0.r9:

- If we have a dark time of more than 10 secs, there is a chance that some DSLM cameras have gone into sleep mode. In this case the camera will mow get woken up by sending a short AF signal, 1 second before the next exposure starts.
- Added a wakeup-time setting to the settings menu. Setting a time >59 sec. turns off the wakeup feature for the camera. Most DSLR don't need any wakeup. DSLM might need it. Usually the time should be set shorter than the sleep time defined in the camera. If in doubt just leave it on at the default time.
- Made the settings menu scrollable
- After a factory reset now the timer will perform a software reset.
- Limited the TL/Bulb mode to Intervals >5 secs and Exposure times >2 secs. In fact using Bulb for exposure times <30 secs does not make sense at all. That's why I've added an info-message now when this constellation gets set up.
- Long pressing from the main menu used to trigger the screensaver - removed.
- Increased Decoupling time to 2 seconds (the time before a timelapse recording starts, while the display shows "Decoupling" or "Starting Timelapse").
- Decoupling will now also send a short AF signal to wake up the camera, this is necessary on some DSLM cameras, to make sure the first shutter release will work out as expected.
- Stopping a timelapse will now stop exposure in any case, also if a bulb exposure is just happening.

Hier könnt ihr euch die neue Firmware herunterladen: https://lrtimelapse.com/files/lrt-pro-timer-2-firmware/

Die Installationsanleitung findet ihr hier: https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-die...-so-geht-s
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