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LRT Pro Timer free version 1.00

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, Hello PT User,
Now that I've implemented some extensions in the Pro Timer software lately, I have again made the menu structure and this primarily by the repeatedly brought to me request to implement in Single / Bulb Exposure Mode also a delay time. Some small changes have been added.
This version (1.0 B1) is a final version for me. After intensive testing then it will be the version 1.xx.

Menu structure:
Implementing a delay time in the existing Singel / Bulb Exposure Menu would have involved a big change. That's why I put the single exposure function into a mode. This is now implemented in the mode selection between "TL Bulb (Astro)" and "Setup". Details can be found in the attached Flow Chart.
In the "Single Exposure" mode, the "Delay Time" can now be used to trigger a Single Exposure or a Bulb Exposure with a time delay. This especially benefits the astro photographers, who can start their long-term exposure at a certain time.
In addition, I have extended the function "Delay Time" by the possibility of entering seconds, which now makes it possible to set delay times in the seconds range. In the Single Exposure setting, a self-timer function with adjustable time is also possible.
This change now also provides a consistent, intuitive and self-explanatory operation of the PT.
From left to right >> !!
First the mode is chosen. In the mode the necessary parameters are adjusted, and finally with the key> the TL or the recording started.
Canceling the TL sequence or the recording is in turn initiated with the key <on the left !! and executed, or continued with the> key.

Sensor function:
The function "Sensor" has been extended in the Setup Screen to the effect that the status of the sensor is displayed immediately after selecting "Sensor Input" in screen "Port 2 Setup". This is primarily for adjusting the response of the sensor.

Last but not least, I have freed the sketch from unnecessary comments!

In order to make a final version of this beta version, intensive testing is required. Me and other users in my environment will be tested intensively. But the more testers, the greater the test depth, the error finding and the result !!

Sketch and Flow Chart are attached!

Looking forward to feedback and suggestions!

Greetings Hans
Attached Files

.pdf   Pro_Timer_FlowChart_1.0_Beta.pdf (Size: 93.62 KB / Downloads: 28)
.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_Free_1_00_B1.zip (Size: 17.74 KB / Downloads: 11)
#2 ramigrafx
Hi Hans,
I have installed this new version and here is my report regarding my Sony camera not awaking with the previous version. If you remember I rectified the problem by increasing the prefocustime to 2000 and it worked ok

With the new version
I set a Sony A5000 to go to sleep after 10seconds
I then I found this strange occurrence.
After putting the following settings in Setup
min dark Time 2.0sec
decoupling time 1 sec
prefocus time 1.0 sec
cam wake up at <10sec
I then ran Astro. and everything worked ok. The camera woke up , took the shot and went to sleep again.

However with identical setting I then ran Timelapse, and this time the camera went through all the same motions but failed to release the shutter.

I have since changed prefocustime to 1500 in the sketch and both Astro and Timelapse work correctly.

What is strange is why Astro and Timelapse behaved differently when the prefocustime is 1000, but when it is 1500 both behave the same.

With this new prefocustime of 1500 within the sketch, whatever setting I put for Prefocus in the menu, even 0, they both still work ok.

I have yet to test with my other Sony cameras, but since they all behaved the same before I expect the same again

#3 Sheeba
Hello Richard,
Thanks for your feedback. From your last test we know that Sony cameras need more than 1 sec to wake up.
Suppose the Sony camera needs at least 1.2 sec to wake up
In a timelapse (M) with the normal prefocustime of 1 sec, the focus is switched on 1 sec before the shutter. Thereafter, the camera is triggered with a pulse of 0.1 sec. This adds up to 1.1 sec and would not give enough time for the camera to wake up and release.
In an astro and e.g. a set Exposure Time of 0.5 sec, the camera is also woken up 1 sec before the shutter, needs 1.2 sec to wake up, then detects the shutter signal and triggers !!
I will change the prefocustime to 1.5 sec in my next version. This should work synonymous with Sony cameras.
Thank you for your tests.
Regards, Hans

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