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LRT twisting my timelapse

#1 DanielBryn
Hi again,

I am having trouble CONSTANTLY with LR timelapse twisting my sequence after hitting the autotransition button. I have the exact same crop on my keyframes.

Tried several times now, and im quite tired of this stalling my workflow!

Has to be a bug somewhere.
#2 gwegner
Please check that you have the same amount of images in LRT then in LR.
Use the "Folder Sync" option in Lightroom, to sync the folder.
LRTimelapse only makes that rotate if somehow the crop aspect ratio of the first image is different from the last. Check the crop columns in the table and you'll see that this is the case.
To fix it, you can right click on one of the crop column headers and select "Fill down". This will equilize the crops.

In a correct workflow, this cannot happen.
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