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LRT workflow with stitching 4 set of camera raw files into 360 degree video

#1 lin56hk
I am in the last stages of planning and shooting a 360 timelapse. Short and simplified version:

- intervalometer triggers through control box into 4 camera
- dslrdashboard wired connected to all 4 camera via usb (OTG with a samsung tablet)
battery and power are already accounted for.

So in theory four camera should produce same set of raw files, now ptgui only stitch in jpg,tiff so that means i must edit the raw first before stitching.

If i edit with one set of images from one camera ie. a set of 900 images, how can i copy and paste those setting to the other 3 camera's set of 900 images?

So pretty much after I edit the 900 images ramping settings, I need to apply the same ramping/deflickering settings, in exact same order of stepping, to those other 3 sets of images. Is something like this possible?
#2 gwegner
Currently you cannot copy a full set of edits from one folder to another.
The only way I could imagine, would be to have the images in all 4 folders named the same and then copy the XMP files from the edited folder to the other 3.
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#3 lin56hk
Good to know still work-able, thanks

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