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LRT4 Lightroom Plugin, Sync Script and Filters not installed

#11 haunje
(2017-08-20, 22:24)gwegner Wrote: Mostly you might have activated “save presets with catalog“ in the Lightroom settings. See the FAQ link that I posted above.

Posted mobile via Tapatalk...

No this was not the root cause. The box "save presets with catalog" was NOT checked.

But I think I found the solution and I would like to share it of Course just in case that other user will run into same trap: Some Folder in the latest Lightroom cc Version have been moved. Due to this in the Installation program of the LRTimelapse program when asked for the Folder of the LR plugins, the correct (new) path must be choosen. It is also possible to import the LRTimelapse export plugin later with the plugin Manager from LR.

At least with this, the issue could be solved :-)

Best regards
#12 Codyb
Does this work with the free trial version lightroom?
#13 gwegner
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Hi Gunter,

I cannot see Scripts in Lightroom Classic 8.3.1

Above you write:
'If on your system it's another location, you will have to copy the addons from the place where LRTimelapse has installed them (the original location) to this location.'

My Question: Application Folder>Adobe>Lightroom>Scripts I have '02 LRTimelapse Sync Keyframes - Gradients Only.lua', '01 LRTimelapse Sync Keyframes.lua' and a Folder 'RequiredScriptComponents'. Is this correct. Please advise on how I can see 'Scripts'

'So copy the folders "Export Presets", "Filter Presets" and "Scripts" from the original location (<USER DIR>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom) to the new location that you've just found out.'

My Question: If I copy "Export Presets", "Filter Presets" and "Scripts" , which folder do I paste them into?

Many thanks,

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