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LRT5 folder tree

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Hi Gunther,

Whilst importing a new sequence into LRT5 (running under Mac OS X) from an SD card, I made a simple error which in the end resulted in the loss of sequence, including most of the SD card source files !

This was all my fault, flowing from what the french call a 'mauvaise manipulation’, then made worse by bad diagnosis and wrong decisions on my part.

The disaster itself is of no interest here, but what I realised during the exciting time which ensued is that :

- The LRT folder structure tree presented on the left shows, at the top level, the folders within the Mac SSD (Applications, Library, System, Users) and in addition the hidden folder called Volumes, as well as OS X system folders such as bin, cores, dev…. which are normally hidden.

- Within the Volumes is Mac SSD, and within Mac SSD one finds Users and Volumes again, and one can open this Volumes, to find again Mac SSD, and within Mac SSD we find Volumes, und so weiter….this is not so much a file tree, more an illogical shrubbery !!

Normally the Finder application on Mac and which is replicated by Apps such as Premiere Pro, shows only the current logged in user’s folders on the Mac SSD, hides all systems files by default, and presents external drives and SD card as “Devices” rather than Volumes.

So my questions are :

1. The OS X files such as bin and core, which are presented in the LRT5 file structure tree, can they be opened, read or written by LRT5 ?

2. Would it be possible for the LRT5 file structure tree to be changed, to resemble that presented by aApps such as Finder, Lightroom etc, with no hidden files and no ‘recursive’ structure?


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The reason is, that MacOS hides the "real" filesystem (as LRT shows it) from the user.
Since LRT is platform independent, by default the directory choosers don't respect such platform specific things (not as bad, but something similar can be seen on windows also).

But Normally you would just have one place where you put your time lapse sequences and LRTimelapse would open that folder automatically next time you open the program, so normally you wouldn't be browsing though those folders.

But anyway: I will have a look if I can filter out some of the folders, thanks for your suggestion.
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OK thanks.

I always arrange all my timelapse sequences as you suggest, it works fine.

It was just an accident that I suddenly found myself looking at OS Unix folders and thinking that just maybe I had written to them.
Then I found the illogical and recursive volumes/ssd/volumes......

It would be very much better if the tree was presented as in other platform independent apps like LR.

Plus....can a user actually write LRT images by accident directly into the OD folders ? I think the answer is yes but I do not intend to test it !
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2016-12-02, 16:08
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