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LRT5 holy grail assistant weird behaviour

#1 labadie
Hello, I just bought the LRT5 update, but the holy grail assistant shows a weird behaviour, putting a strong under-exposure at the beginning of the sequence and a strong over-exposure at the end.

The first keyframe in light room is almost dark, and the last one almost blown.
I did nothing special (the shot of the timelapse with QDSLR was normal, at the summit of a 2900m high mountain) and proceeded as I was used to with LRT4

A "HG lum leveling" column seems responsible of this, it has a -0.871 value at the beginning and a + 0.897 value at the end.

Here's the screenshot associated : https://ibb.co/d6KCe7

[Image: https://ibb.co/d6KCe7]
#2 gwegner
As always, you need to use the sliders in the holy grail wizard panel to bring the compensation curve as close to the horizontal middle line as possible.

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#3 labadie
Thanks for your answer, it works fine with the rotate and stretch sliders.

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