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LRT5 - Key frame showing abnormal luminance after Visual preview

#1 bethpapa
I am using both fuji xt2 and Nikon d810 together with Timelapse+ VIEW for ramping.
I have been consistent with my workflow + LRT4 without issue.
however, recently I upgraded to LRT5 and found out that after visual preview, all my keyframes are either over exposed or under.
I had to remove my KF manually in order to proceed to the deflickering portion.
Can anyone help me?

No problem previously using LRT4.x. I am Using LRT 5.1.1. now.
thanks a lot in advance

regards Adrian
#2 bethpapa
I also read through the related FAQ.
I tried with and without using built in Gradient filters .... both giving me similar issue.

I attach a screenshot of my issue here.
#3 gwegner
Check out the faq for using LRTimelapse together with the TL+ View: https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-usi...rtimelapse
After loading the Sequence with the XMP files from the view, the exposure compensations should be migrated from the Exposure column (which should be 0 afterwards) to the "Ext Lum Leveling" column.

And as always (didn't change since LRT4) it's crucial, that you don't mess with the linear gradients. You can edit them, but you can't add or remove from the 4 gradients that LRTimelapse provides.
This could also happen, if you use some presets which might alter the gradients. This is the most frequent reason for the effect that you are experiencing. So please double check!
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#4 bethpapa
hi gwegner,
thank you so much for your prompt response as always, really appreciate that.
I actually load the sequence without using the XMP files from the view+.

Will run a few test later and update you with my findings.... This is interesting becos my workflow hasn't changed since LRT4 times.
#5 bethpapa
Issue resolved.
Somehow the import (drag n drop) from LRT5 into LR is buggy on my side. At LR --> keyframe-->develop, I cannot see gradient filter from LRT and everything go downhill from there.

On LRT5, I did a "Clear Metadata" and follow through the workflow to get things going the correct way.
Thank you very much.

regards Adrian

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