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LRTimelapse 2.3 Release

#1 gwegner
Finally the 2.3 release is out with a lot of improvements and fixes!

Please check out the changes:
  • New Indicators for resolution in which the sequence could be rendered: 4K, 3K, 1080, 720 - accordingly to the resolution and minimal crop in the sequence the indicators turn red or green.
  • Handy new feature: "New folder from selection" - allows you to quickly split a folder into various time lapse sequences. For example if you come home with several sequences one one memory card you can easily separate them into different folders that way, just select a subsequence you would like in a separate folder and then chose "New folder from selection" in the context menu. This will ask you for a new folder name and then create a new folder (onn the same level) and move the selected images there.
  • Commercial version only: new "Select by critera" feature allows to select images within flicker inside a certain bandwith. This comes handy especially for construction time lapses that are taken over a long time of several days or months and where you get lots of flicker due to different light situations. This feature now allows a quick removing of dark (for example night images) or bright images or images with flicker above a certain threshold amount from the sequence.
  • Added invert selection menu item
  • Initialising and clearing the metadata now forces a save for the whole sequence (should normally happen anyway).
  • Fixed LuminanceNoiseReductionDetail parameter. Will now be supported/animated as well (thx Chris for reporting).
  • Updated ExifTool to 9.22
Changes in 2.3 beta 2:
  • Deflickering now handles 2/3 Star Keyframes better (Holy Grail-Keyframes) as well as Keyframes that are set really close (but not adjacent)
  • Deflickering will no more affect the Keyframes itself
  • Initialization will automatically set Keyframes to first/last image of the sequence for your convenience.
  • If no Exifdata for Aperture/Shutterspeed/ISO or Date/Time is found, n/a will be displayed. This prevents LRTimelapse from trying to load that EXIF data again and again.
  • If deflicker was already applied, the Exposure column will be highlighted in red.
  • Finally there is a wait-cursor when navigating through the directory tree and it takes longer to load the subdirectories
  • The progressbar is now displayed on the preview popout if popped out.
  • The task description is now displayed on top of the progress bar to save space.
Changes from 2.3 beta 1
  • The Keyframes Wizard now uses the EXIF-data to detect Holy-Grail Keyframes (jumps in Shutter-Speed/ISO) instead of the brightness values. This gives more accurate results and prevents falsely set keyframes.
  • New lens tagging feature: when shooting Holy Grail sequences with manual or twisted lenses, no aperture value will be in the EXIF data and so the "Match Total Exposures" function in Lightroom will not work. Now LRTimelapse can write aperture values into your sequence enabling you to use "Match Total Exposures" even with those sequences. This function will be raised automatically when using the key frames wizard. It is as well available separately from the Metadata-Menu.
  • Bugfix: Reading Aperture/ISO/Shutterspeed from exif could mix up the values, if some were not present.
  • The default crop was already applied when loading the sequence - now it will be applied when initializing.
  • Better detecting of pathnames and filenames that could cause trouble with ExifTool (comma, non ascii characters).
  • Some smaller fixes.
You can download the new version on the download page!
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