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LRTimelapse and Lightroom 5

#1 gwegner
<strong>Today Adobe released Lightroom 5 and probably you are asking yourself, if and how that new version works with LRTimelapse. </strong>

<a href="http://gwegner.de/ankuendigungen/lightroom-5-und-lrtimelapse/">Deutsche Version dieses Artikels.</a>
<img src="http://gwegner.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/lr5LRT-300x241.jpg" alt="lr5LRT" width="300" height="241" />

The good news is that Lightroom 5's develop module is backward compatible with Lightroom 4. That said, there has been no fundamental change, like it was the case between LR3 and LR4 - that makes it easier for me as a developer, no new process version to deal with. Adobe only added some new tools to Lightroom 5, that I will support in the next version of LRTimelapse, in case they make sense and there are no technical constraints.

The bad news is that Adobe decided to completely renew the Slideshow module in Lightroom 5 and unfortunately "forgot" that it is mainly used by time lapse photographers in combination with <a href = "http://lrtimelapse.com/shop/per-templates-lightroom/" target="_blank">the LRTimelapse templates</a> to render the time lapse videos.

This means that the templates will not work in LR5 and it is not possible to build new ones. In conclusion it is possible to use Lightroom 5 with LRTimelapse, but you can not render out the time lapse videos from within Lightroom. This means you have to use an external solution for rendering - if you do not want to use intermediate JPGs, the only remaining solution would be Adobe After Effects.

A tester in Adobe's closed beta forum put it into something like this:

<blockquote>"So Adobe decided to render the Slideshow module in Lightroom completely useless by removing the only feature it has ever reasonably been used for." </blockquote>

Well, I don't have to understand Adobes's reasons for that, but since I had knowledge of it, I of course have thought a lot on how I can solve the problem. I certainly want to provide the users of Lightroom 5 the opportunity to render their time lapse videos without having to use an expensive software like After Effects only for the rendering.

To be able to do that, I even had to dig into the depths of the - until then to me totally unknown - language "Lua", that Adobe has provided for Lightroom extensions - pure horror for any serious developer I can tell you... ;-)

The good news despite of everything is: it works!
My current solution looks like this:

There will be a plugin for Lightroom, which prepares the image sequence and then calls LRTimelapse, the current "working version" looks like this:

<div class="img"><img alt="Lightroom5LRTimelapse" src="http://gwegner.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Lightroom5LRTimelapse.png" width="600" height="355"/> </div>

LRTimelapse then takes over the rendering or submits it to an external encoder:

<div class="img"> <img src="http://gwegner.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Lightroom5LRTimelapse2.png" alt="Lightroom5LRTimelapse2" width="600" height="344" /> </div>

In my private beta this already works and I am currently busy testing. The participants of my recent time lapse lectures have already seen the solution and liked it.

At first I was of course shocked by Adobe's "ignorance" of the time lapse community. Meanwhile, I'm almost glad it has given me the impulse to finally make a "decent" solution for the export, which is also upgradeable and does not have the limitations that Lightroom always had when with the video export, for example: other aspect ratios than 16:9, other encoders, better control of the quality, and overall to a better quality.

<b>Update:</b> You can now download LRTimelapse 4 and upgrade your license!
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#2 m.d.ratcliff
I liked the thought of LR5 being faster than LR4 but I think I will wait until I hear it is compatible w/ LRTimelapse. I'm currently working on a beautiful sunset but having issues. Thx for the info!
#3 ehpem
Gunther - I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your approach to communication. It seems every time I have a question, you have posted the answer in advance. It gives us LRT users a huge amount of confidence in your product.

I am very pleased to hear you have found a solution to making LR5 and LRT compatible, but I will be sticking with LR4 for now. And, I think perhaps you are lucky that Lightroom have not noticed the timelapse side of things - it creates business for you, even if it causes more work for you. It is good for us too as your software works so well.
#4 Kevin
Gunther - Thank you for the update on LR5.

I will definitely not be upgrading LR until you have had time to develop and test the new solution.
Hope all goes well and keep up the good work.
#5 pcalvin
As someone who works with both stills and video, I will just run both LR4 and LR5 for the time being. Fortunately, I have maintained a separate Lightroom Library for timelapse sequnces, so updating my stills libraries in LR5 won't affect my use of LRTimelapse.
#6 skyml
Gunther, you are truly amazing and a real man of honor! The only thing that caught my attention on LR5 was the promised speed increase, the fix on the some 400 "bugs" and the additions on the healing brush.... lot of money for a simple "fix" that kills an important part of functionality for us time lapsers. But some things happen for a reason and their screw up forced you to come up with what will surely be a better solution! Anxious to put it to use!!
#7 Kurios
Sounds great. Can't wait to see this plugin. Thanks, Gunther!
#8 ChrisTucker
I was intrigued to upgrade to LR5 because of the ability to "Straighten" buildings and whatnot, perspective issues with wide angle use. Im perfectly happy to wait though until you have a solution as ive become quite adepts at the workflow with LRtimelapse after a few months of effort! Standing by!
#9 stubbo66
Hi, I'm a prospective user who (just as it happens) has just upgraded to LR5 today, but I can obviously still run a copy of LR4 just for TL activities while I get to grips with everything.

The question I wanted to ask was, should I buy the current version and will the LR5 compatibility come as a free update as part of a minor release, or will this constitute a major release and should I therefore wait for that.

Obviously I'm trying to avoid paying now and then in a month or so having to pay an upgrade fee .... and yes, I know it's great software and it deserves all the money we can throw at it, but I think it's a valid question to ask.

Looking forward to playing with my new GoPro HD Hero 3 Blacks TL modes. lots of fun to be had I think !
#10 gwegner
Please find my current thoughts on this added to my initial post above!
Check out my e-book Time Lapse Shooting and Processing!
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