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LRTimelapse for video grading - esp. Cinema DNG

#1 gwegner
Q: Can I use LRTimelapse to grade the Cinema DNG files that my Blackmagic Cinema Camera produces?

A: You can already grade that files with LRTimelapse/Lightroom - in fact this is a very nice way to process that files. I am also thinking in getting myself one of those cams ;-)
The only thing currently is that the cinema DNGs don't have a preview embedded - so you have to run them once through DNG converter to add the preview or (easier) just let Lightroom once process the sequence with "Metadata/Update DNG Metadata and Previews" before starting the process - but I'm working on a solution to integrate this seemlessly into LRTimelapse.

I will try to get other formats working as well but no promises yet.
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#2 steno
waiting for the right cards to shoot in CinemaDNG and make a test...
#3 steno
finally the firmware came out and the Pocket, shooting in CinemaDNG with LRTimelapse is GREAT.
#4 bencanales
Thanks Gunther!

I was struggling with this, came here- BAM, problem solved- moving on with excitement!

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