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LRTimelapse losing track of visual preview files?

#1 lightatwork
Hi Gunther,

I am trying to process a number of sequences semi-simultaneously. Sequences range from aprox. 300 to 2700 images and are made up out of DNG's. To speed things up a bit, after I complete the whole workflow of keyframes, back and forth to LR and auto transition for each sequence, I try go batch process the creation of visual preview files by right-clicking on each sequence in the file tree and selecting "Generate Visual Previews". This builds up a queue of jobs to process and I let it run unattended. When it finishes, I want to start back at the top of my list to apply visual deflicker. When I select the sequence, I see the pink luminance line indicating that visual previews are generated, but when I select the desired settings for the visual deflicker and click "Apply", LRTimelapse gives me a window stating that I should first save the sequence and let it generate Visual Previews first, and then apply visual deflicker...See attached screenshot of this window. The only option I have is to forcefully generate visual previews again and wait for it to finish.

So it seems that LRTimelapse is losing reference to already generated visual preview files somewhere in the process.

Is there anything I could check to figure out where this goes wrong?
- Amount of RAM?
- The order in which I follow the steps?
- Is having multiple jobs of visual preview generation running in sequence or parallel causing issues?

The only workaround I can find is to generate visual previews, wait for them to finish, apply visual deflicker and when I see the new set of visual previews being "smooth enough" switch to the next sequence, cancelling visual preview generation for the first sequence and start with visual preview generation for the next, etc. etc.
The drawback of this method is me having to sit behind my computer much longer, waiting for the generation to finish in stead of taking one long break while all the sequences are generated in a queue.

Hope you can help me figure this out.

By the way, running LRT 5.2.2 on a iMac Pro 10-core, running OS X 10.14.5

EDIT: I just found this thread: https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-vis...n-a-folder

It seems that he is experiencing the same issue. You describe testing it and after all the sequences have visual previews generated, you can click each sequence and then click Visual Deflicker and "Apply". This last step is where our experiences differ. When I click apply, it basically says that I first have to generate visual previews. LRT can't see/find the already generated visual previews.
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#2 gwegner
Could you try to do the regular workflow, start the normal visual preview creation on the folder that you just edited, then switch to the next folder and you'll be asked if you want to continue doing the VPs in background. Here you can also say to "Add Multipass Deflicker" and define the settings for that. While this is being done in the background you can prepare the next timelapse. That's how it's meant to be done, I've also shown this in my tutorial about "Speed up editing multiple timelapse sequences", the second last on https://lrtimelapse.com/tutorial/
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