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LRTimelapse Pro Timer Free Version 0.87 released

#1 gwegner
I've just released a new version of the firmware for the LRTPTF on Github.

I've updated the docs on the project page too and added the download to the new firmware there too:

This is new in 0.87
  • Added Left click Single Exposure screen. From the main (interval) screen press left, to reach the Single Exposure screen. Here you can either briefly trigger a single shot from the camera (press left) or you can use the up/down keys to set a bulb time. Thanks to user Colin that brought up the idea!
  • Added Shooting-Mode menu, M vs. Bulb
  • New Bulb timelapse shooting mode for astro-photographers that would like to define the exposure time via the timer: in M-Mode, the trigger time by the timer will be the shortest possible for regular timelapse shooting, exposure will be set in the camera. In Bulb-Mode the exposure will be controlled and can be defined in the timer. The maximum possible exposure will be Interval - 0.5 secs dark time. This dark-time is defined as constant in the source code and can be changed, if necessary.
  • Improved key responsiveness
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#2 MMeier
Thanks for the updated firmware version Gunther!

...also check out: