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LRTlapse 4.8.3 issue with Proress 422 output

#1 Kimmo

I use LRTl 4.8.3 version in Windows 10. When I export (Miraizon) Proress 422 video of my time lapse with original resolutuon 4032x3024 px or smaller, it nicks back and forth.
You can see this in Drobbox as 2000x1500 resolution version.

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#2 gwegner
Check the sorting in Lightroom before the export. It should be set to date/time.
I've downloaded the file, and it shows weird behaviour here too with MPC player. All other Prores Files from LRTimelapse play back fine here.
Please double check and try again.
Try different settings in the render dialog, see if it happens also with 16:9 forced or another quality setting.
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#3 Kimmo
I have LR 6 end there the sort setting "Capture time". This was the issue though its should work if I had right date in my camera, but is not so. Filename sorting works fine. Thanks, Gynther!
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2017-11-23, 11:06
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