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#1 matthewfahey
I've recently started working in photogrammetry. I'm still teaching myself. I also edit and shoot video for my own production company, and am a photographer. All around camera nerd I guess. So I'm probably in good company here. The general lagging of Apple products for the price in their ability to handle big jobs in Premiere Pro, LRTimelapse, and on and on... has convinced me to go PC for my work. I'm probably going to get a gamer laptop at first. Any recommendations for PC (I'm mostly a novice) to look for to get the most bang for my workflow buck? Matt
#2 gwegner
I've just recently build a quite decent pc for my video and time-lapse work.
I've blogged about it in my German blog, here is a google translate link: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/...ZyVsORT2MQ

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