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Marzamemi, Sicily

#1 rodrigo
Marzamemi is a sea town between Pachino and Noto. It is included in the district of Syracuse. It is also regarded as among one of the most beautiful 20 sea towns of Italy. The main attractions of this town are the tasty fish recipes served by picturesque restaurants, the amazing sight of the sea, the narrow alleys and buildings in this town remind us of a medieval county.

These timelapse is composed of to sections the first shows The old centre of the village, most of which dates back to the arrival of the Principe di Villadorata in the mid-18th century, is situated on a little promontory and organised around the extremely picturesque Piazza Regina Margherita, the second timelapse on the south side is the little fishing harbour with its bobbing fleet of colourful wooden boats, on the others a series of charming buildings, including the Church of San Francesco di Paola.

Here is the link to the timelapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2-8hxt0vn8


#2 Dale Davis
May I assume that your exposure intervals were one (1) second???
#3 rodrigo
Hi Dale. These where shot at 3" intervals but slowed down to half during the process in LRTL.

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