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Milkyway Timelapse

#1 kferris575
The link below is a video I shot about two weeks ago in California of the milkyway and a radio telescope.  The camera was set on an intervalometer and shot for about three hours.  The video is made from 320 of the images recorded and compiled using LR Timelapse. 

Suggestions for improvement greatly appreciated.

#2 rodrigo
Well done kferris they are gorgeous. was your interval 30 secs?.


#3 Dale Davis
please indicate your interval between images- I ask this of every submission and not once have I received a reply!
#4 kferris575
I set the intervalometer to take one frame every 30 seconds, and the exposure time was 25 seconds for each frame. This results in a sequence of a 25 second exposure, followed by a 5 second interval and this repeats for about three hours. I ended up with about 340 frames and there were a total of 320 frames used in the final video.

I was also shooting still photos in another spot, so I had to start the camera shooting the time lapse while it was still a little to bright to shoot milky way images and leave to shoot in the other location. Some of the first frames in the time lapse sequence were to bright and some of the last frames had picked up me flash light when I returned to get the camera.
#5 rodrigo
Dale if you care to read my reply to your question, you will see that I replied to your request about the intervals and more.
#6 Dale Davis
I loved the video, but I'd also like to see it rendered at 1/2x or half time to enjoy it longer! Still no answer on your interval?
#7 HugheyRup
That informative PhenQ review looks phenomenal. I wouldn't touch it any further though.

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