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Moonset in La Rioja Spain

#1 JoseAlonsoLeon
These are my first steps into night Time Lapse. Obviously this is riddled with mistakes and very evident imperfections, but it was my first attempt and I just needed to post it so as to kick myself in the you know were to work on improving from this point on.

I was at a stand still position on shooting at night unable to figure out the settings and other parameters, because everywhere I looked all I got was "it depends, of this, it depends of that" kind of answers to my queries. I now know that it's trial and error, just like the painter on his canvas who has to add another layer of paint or change the composition of his basic colors.

Oh well life is a continuous learning experience might as well make the best of it.

[Video: https://vimeo.com/44674081]
#2 gwegner
This is a very difficult scene and you managed to capture it very well. Did you use the holy grail method? You could try to make the end a bit brighter, you could for example try to work with a gradient adjustment to make the lower part brighter without blowing the moon!
I would as well speed up the whole thing, maybe you wold want to remove every second image (you could use the "select every nth" feature in the HDR menu, this will make things more dramatic and less time consuming on rendering. A good sequence to start playing with and explore the possibilities of LRTimelapse!!
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#3 JoseAlonsoLeon
Difficult you say, it was a nightmare...hahaha I like to start with big challenges it would seem. Like children, you tell them it can't be done but they don't believe you and they try it anyway. That was my path and the only light I had not to get lost was your advice and suggestions and of course I used you technique...hahaha don't know any other one...;-)

But during shooting I panicked a few times and messed up the settings manually as I was shooting and had to fix a lot once back on the computer. I realised while making this how trial and error all this is, but hey that's how we best learn, paying for mistakes. Last night I went back to see if I could improve and ig got worse...hahaha

I just discovered in you program you have an HDR settings...was so focused on doing my first video using your technique I had not investigated further your menu settings. I will definitely use what you suggest here but will be limited in making adjustments because I also just started making Time Lapse photography and all the stuff I have done to date was HDR and in the recommendations I read all over they suggested to work in jpeg format (which I was not happy about) because of the large quantity of shots HDR requires.

I definitely must investigate your HDR thing in LRTL...does this mean I could make all my HDR futur stuff with your program also?

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