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Moscow 2014 Night Hyperlapse

#1 nk87
Hi! This night TimeLapse in Motion filmed at winter in Moscow (Russia) during 5 nights.
Shooting, post-processing and editing by Kirill Neiezhmakov
e-mail: nk87@mail.ru
Canon 60d
Sigma 10-20 mm 4.0-5.6
Samyang 8 mm 3.5
Zenitar-M 50 mm 1.7
Canon 70-200 4L
Vanguard Alta Pro tripod
[Video: https://vimeo.com/87089581]
[Video: http://youtu.be/leqyze7Py0o]
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#2 gwegner
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#3 nk87
Thanks a lot! Smile
#4 nk87
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