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Motion Timelapse new SW for Pro Timer und TLSMC

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
I've added some features to the Motion Timelapse software for the Pro Timer and TLSMC:

Changes and extensions
• Modification of the pins for focus and slave (reason is compatibility with SW PT 0.93)
• Setup parameters are automatically stored in the EEPROM after they have been changed
• Exposure Indicator now also in Single Exposure Screen
• Interval Times up to 1h with simplified input
• Power Save Option for TLSMC in Setup Menu

Changes and extensions
• implemented Focus Control
• Acceleration and deceleration for the motor implemented at driving to StartPos or EndPos
• Power Save function via Pro Timer (see operating instructions)

Operation manual:
I have adapted the manual for the TLSMC to the state of the art and added a description for the configuration for motors. Also a instruction how to update the SW of the TLSMC is included.

The version Pro_Timer_free_ext V1.13 / 2, the TLSMC software V1.06 and the instruction manual for the TLSMC can be found in the appendix.

Attached Files

.pdf   Timelapse Stepper Motor Controller for Pro Timer_en.pdf (Size: 781.03 KB / Downloads: 65)
.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_SMC_Free_EXT_113_2.zip (Size: 18.95 KB / Downloads: 18)
.zip   TLSMC1_06.zip (Size: 4.8 KB / Downloads: 15)
#2 ramigrafx
Hi Hans,
I am following your instructions with great interest. I have built the PT for controlling th TLSMC and have almost completed the TLSMC and have installed ...EXT_113_2 and TLSMC1_06. I have a NEMA17 3.7:1 stepper motor which i intend to use because my camera being a Sony mirrorless camera is much lighter than a SLR. In my build I have used opto isolators instead of transistors to ensure that my camera is totally isolated from the other electrical systems. I dont want to take any risks with my Sony cameras. I have used them on several of my other projects with no problems whatsoever.
My belt has a pitch of 3mm
I am going to add to the sketch details of my stepper motor. I understand the alternative settings you have made for the 518 stepper motor in the sketch and will be making similar alterations for my stepper motor. The only thing that I dont really understand is the controller resolution. How do I determine this?
This is a great project and many thanks to you for sharing it.
When I have finished I intend to make another similar for focus stacking, using a lead screw slider. Have you tried this with your setup?
#3 Sheeba
Hi Richard, your project sounds interesting. Regarding controller resolution, I think for your motor with 3.7: 1 gearbox you can use the same setting as I did with my 5.18: 1 gearbox. You may need to adjust the values for steppDelay. I have no experience with lead screw slider. You just have to try different values.
Good luck with your project.
#4 ramigrafx
Hi everyone. Just completed this project and now have a slider system working for my timelapse. Many thanks to Sheba for the help given.
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#5 Sheeba
Hi Richard, that looks very good. Thanks for your feedback.

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