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Mt. Tamalpais Tam Jam teaser (short)

#1 yostopia
Here's a 90-second teaser I made for an upcoming music festival (www.tamjam.org) to be held next month on Mt. Tamalpais, just north of San Francisco. I'm going to be directing a film of the concert, and the promoters asked me to produce a short piece that they can use on their website to show potential attendees how beautiful the mountain is

[Video: http://vimeo.com/66235785]

Music is by one of the bands at the show, Cake. The song is "Arco Arena".

I used the Holy Grail technique a few times in this piece very successfully... in particular the shot of the fire lookout on East Peak with the sun rising behind it. There are 18 exposure changes in that shot and it's pretty seamless, especially considering the end of it is a straight-on shot of the sun. I usually get the best Holy Grail results when I do not have the sun in frame, so this one surprised me.

LR Timelapse 2 is the greatest tool a 'lapser could ever want. Thanks again Gunther!

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