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Multi-Sequence export failed

#1 Perws

I'm trying to export my final work from Lightroom, but it doesn't work...
"Multi-Sequence export failed" is the error from Lightroom.

I tried to export in the folder named "timelapse Maylovitsa 1" but it still doesn't work.

Could you please help me?

#2 gwegner
Like the dialog explains: if you want to do multi folder export, select the direct folders with the image sequences, not parent folder. On the screenshot I see a lot of orphaned folder. Make sure to not include one of those in the selection.
You don't have to "Export IN the folder <<Timelapse Maylovitsa 1>> - you need to select that folder (and possibly another one for multi folder export) and then select all images in both folder and export. The export destination has to be somewhere else.
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#3 Perws
The first problem was that I wasn't in the collection when exporting from Lightroom.

Thanks for providing such a great program!

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