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Muskoka Morning Light 4k

#1 moorephotography
[size=small][font=Georgia,]A short time-lapse film captured during one morning over the Labour Day weekend from Port Sydney beach of fog during sunrise over Mary Lake in Port Sydney, Ontario, Canada. [/font][/size]

[size=small][font=Georgia,]I arrived at 5:45 to capture sunrise photos of Mary Lake. I changed plans once I saw that entire lake was covered by a blanket of dense fog that looked like clouds moving over the lake. I captured the footage over a span of 3 hours with a total capture of 5000 images. I used a Nikon D750 and a Sony A7sii with a [/font][/size][size=small][font=Georgia,]Dynamic Perception[/font][/size][size=small][font=Georgia,] Stage R rotary head. [/font][/size]

[size=small][font=Georgia,]Caleb Etheridge - A Father's Love[/font][/size]


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