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My first proper go LR Timelpase Private version

#1 jedfromnz
Hey world wide members of LR Timelapse. Been checking out the forums a lot over the years and finally plucked the coin to get the private licence and courage to post something. Anyways afew weeks ago I hiked up a mountain close to where I live ( Pirongia ) and set up for a full night to practice another night to day transition with my new Syrp genie mini ii's. Taken with canon 6D mkii and Tamron 24-70 f2.8 G2. Thought I’d post it up and see if there’s areas I need to improve on. I stuffed up a battery change about 1/3rd the way in and I missed afew frames here and there figuring out the new genie mini ii's. Also possibly had the ISO cranked abit @6400, will work on cleaning that up next time. Also possibly should of turned off LR Timelapse motion blur, oh well next time I guess.

Youtube link https://youtu.be/4HawcpovAH4
#2 rodrigo
Jed, Im so glad you pluck that coin, that's beautiful, would you please share settings. Please don't stop.
#3 Kevinjjjack
That's amazing!
#4 jedfromnz
Hey so yea I was using my Tamron 24-70 set to 24mm, f3.2, iso 6400, shutter 15 sec, interval I think was 20-22seconds or something around there but I’ll have to check in the Morning as just got into bed. And I think the rotation on the genie mini ii was 150 degrees left to right. But will also have to check. Thanks for the reply ?

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