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My photos are mixed !

#1 NikOB

I just bought LRtimelaps, thanks for your work !

I have a bug when I import my pictures.
They are mixed... 

I take pictures with a Gopro and some pictures were mixed in my computer files.
I have sorted my pictures and change the name : picture (1) picture (2) ... etc

In LRtimelaps, my pictures are mixed... I have : Picture (1) picture (100) picture (101) picture (102)... picture (11) ....picture (104) picture (105) picture (106) ... picture (12)...

I don't know why...
Same problem if I check the box alphabetical order...
I tried to export and change the name with LR... same problem..

Could you help me ?


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#2 gwegner
If your pictures have Exif-Data (normally they should) then after you loaded the whole sequence into LRTimelapse, it will get sorted by Date/Time regardless from the naming.
If there is no ExifData in the files, LRTimelapse can only sort alphabetically, then you have to rename the images like Picture_0001, Picture_0002 etc. - otherwise the alphabetical sorting won't work. You can do the renaming in Lightroom.
But as I said, normally all pictures have the Date/Time in the Exifdata. Just wait until the "Loading Exif-Data for Files" process is finished.
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#3 NikOB
Thank you for your help.
I did this... it didn't work..

But I used Bridge... and it's good !

Thank you and thank for LRtimelaps, good job !

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