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NEED HELP with Galaxy images processing in LRT

#1 rameshtahlan
I am having a great time making LRT videos of Galaxy with as many as 1200 clicks.
The software is just great. I am using LRTimelapse Pro 5.0.9, and LR 6.0

Having just one problem that i can't seem to figure out.

Say my Galaxy starts to the left in the first image, and after 3 hours it has gone to the right in the last image.
Now while processing 2 Key Frames in LR, the first and last,
If i use the Adjustment Brush in the first image to highlight the Galaxy only and do the same in the last image
I find that when the video is made, the Adjustment Brush highlight part does not move with the Galaxy.
once the Galaxy starts to move to the right, then what ever highlight i had down in 1st image, gets left behind,
Am i doing something wrong, or I should not use Adjustment Brush to highlight the Galaxy to enhance it a bit.
OR is there a way to make this Adjustment Brush highlight also move along with the Galaxy.

It would be great if there is a solution.

Placing a link here of the Galaxy video I made recently. With snow caped mountains around.
#2 gwegner
You cannot animate the adjustment brush. But you can use a Radial-Gradient which can be animated. Please make sure to use one of the 2 radial gradients that LRTimelapse created when initializing the sequence. Don't create any new ones.
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