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Need help with workflow.

#1 hov1s
Hi all

I'm trying to do something I've never done before. I don't use after effects, and am very much an amatuer at photography, processing and time-lapse, although I have done them before.

Over the last two weeks, I have shot eight sequences which all run along the same theme. I want to form them into one long film, with crossfade transitions between each one.
I have managed this before by opening the last 22 frames in one sequence, and the first 22 in the next in photoshop, and laying one on top of the other as a layer, and reducing the opacity, changing the opacity each time over the 22 photos. when played back at 24fps this gives a relatively smooth crossfade over 1 sec.

Gunther tells me "you should do the normal LRT workflow and until exporting from Lightroom, then do those edits on the exported intermediary sequence. After that you can render via file/render."
Just to clarify, and because I might be a bit thick, does this mean I should edit all eight sequences as one in lrt/lr, follow the full workflow up to render video, and then merge the jpegs that are produced after lightroom exports in ps, place them back in the lrt intermediary folder and render from there?

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