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New DslrDashboard test version

#1 hubaiz
I uploaded a new DslrDashboard test version with a new DDServer version (OpenWrt firmware).
Unfortunately Google decided to remove the download section from Google Code so I uploaded the files to my Drive account and shared from there.
The link is: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0...sp=sharing

You can read about the changes here : https://code.google.com/p/dslrdashboard/
but in short:
- D5300, D610 and Df support
- Canon image format property fix
- some Canon live view fixes
- new DDServer with auto discovery
- pressing the 'Connect to OpenWrt' will search for DDServer and display the list of the connect DSLR (must be in same network)
- long pressing the 'Connect to OpenWrt' button will bring up the old IP dialog where you can enter the DDServer IP
- the new version contains the OpenCV libraries so no need for OpenCV Manager
- updated the Libraw library to latest version

The new DDServer OpenWrt images are configured with wireless enabled, so after you flash it you will have wireless out of the box. The IP is, the SSID is DDServerAP

The new DslrDashboard test version is only compatible with the new DDServer OpenWrt version.

If you flash the 'sysupgrade' image with the 'keep settings' option then after flashing be shure to check the network interface settings (Network->Interfaces->Lan->Edit) and if the 'IPV4 Broadcast' isn't set, then set it to '' where the '192.168.1' part depends on your 'IPV4 address' setting.

Please can someone translate this to German forum to. Thx.
#2 Gunther
Thank you Zoltan!!
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#3 bbkupko

Let me start by saying thank you and thank you to Gunther for this great app, however...
and Im sure you have been asked this already, but will there be an iOS version of this app to use with Canon? If not and with all due respect, why would you limit it to Android ? There are a lot of Canon / iOS users out there so thats a lot more customers. I think it's awesome that the app is free, but I'd be willing to pay a good price for an iOS version. Correct me if I'm wrong but It looks like my options are to spend about $2OO on a new Android devise Plus the T-P Link OR buy a CamRanger for $3OO---either option you're not making any money, so why not offer a cross platform update and charge $5O-$1OO. -- with Kind Regards, Bryan
#4 hubaiz
The current version is Android only as it is written in Java and for Android.

Right now I'm working on a cross platform version that is working on Windows, Linux and Android.
Theoretically it should work on OSX and iOS to but I have no experience with those platforms, don't have any Apple devices as they are out of my budget with my 250eur/month income (actually I think they are overpriced), so maybe if the new iatkos came out I will try to convert my laptop to a hacintosh and give it a try.
I like that the application is free and I don't want to change that.
#5 bbkupko
Well someone out there should back you and put up some money for you to take the app to the next level all the way cross platform--Then you could charge a small fair fee that the backer can recoup their investment and you make some extra money and helps you come up with a new idea down the road. You win --we win Smile

Regardless keep at it and thanks
#6 Pete1957
Hi Zoltan,

What you are doing with DSLRDashboard is truly fantastic, but unfortunately I have so far been unable to get the app up and running on my TP-3040/Nexus 7/Nikon D3 combination.

When I saw that you had released an new update (test version) I decided to try again. I flashed the 'sysupgrade V2' image and all the new settings seem OK.

However, when I re-connected all the devices together again and press "Connect to OpenWrt/Linux I just get the same message as with the previous version — "Unable to connect (OI exception) Host"

Could it be that the Nikon D3 is incompatible with DSLRDashboard (it's a relatively old camera in the digital world) or do you think I have set the router firmware incorrectly?

Best Regards,

#7 Pete1957
Got it!


#8 saw0
Great to hear that!

How did you solve your problem?
#9 Pete1957
Hi saw0,

>How did you solve your problem?

I followed Zoltan's instructions: I got into my OpenWRT dashboard and flashed the new firmware and also downloaded the latest 'test' version of DSLRDashboard (after first deleting the older version and the Open CV Manager from my Nexus 7).

At first, even with everything connected, I got exactly the same response as before — "Unable to connect (OI exception) Host".

I then went into the Wi-fi settings of my tablet and saw that a new connection — "DDServerAP" had appeared. When the camera + TP-3040 were connected and switched on there was an option to "connect". When the connection was established I copied the new IP address into the "Connect to OpenWRT/Linux dialog box on the start-up interface of DSLRDashboard and I finally got a connection with my camera.

I've been experimenting throughout the day, and the connection is bit unpredictable. If I just switch on the router and the camera, and then open the App and try to connect, I get the same message as before — "Unable to connect (OI exception) Host" — only now with the new IP address.

It seems that every time I want to establish a connection I have to go back to my Wi-fi settings and select "Connect".

When I've done that, and then open the App, I can establish the initial connection with my Nikon D3 (It's name appears and I hear the camera mirror flip up). However, even then I don't always make it to the viewing/control interface — Sometimes I touch the "NIKON-NIKON DSC D3" button and nothing happens. I don't know exactly what goes wrong but if I shut down the tablet and turn it on again (without turning off the camera or router) this problem is usually solved.

One more thing: the first few times I established a full connection and actually started taking pictures, the App (or the camera) 'crashed' after a few shots — I think the error message was something like "DSLRDashboard is not responding". But this evening it seems much more stable — I've changed camera position, focus point, exposure mode, etc., and it seems completely stable.

When it's up and running this is a wonderful App. Kudos to Zoltan (and also to you for taking time to make that video and helping on these forums)!

#10 Babylonian
Hello, new registered on this forum + user of the TP-LINK TL-MR3040 (v2)

I downloaded the new OpenWRT test firmware ddserver_openwrt-tl-mr3040-v2-squashfs-factory_0.11.bin
+ DslrDashboard test version 4 (first deleting the older version and the Open CV Manager)

Unfortunately the last OpenWRT test firmware for the TP-Link seems not to be stable. As soon if you shift the 3-way button at the side of the TP-LINK e.g. from 3G/4G to AP (or visa-versa), OR just power off the TP-Link and power-on again, all settings as e.g. passwords, WiFi security encryption etc. has been reset to default "factory" settings. Default there is no security set for the network (open network). By means of no network security, it is to risky to make use of WiFi connection by free data-entrance to tablet or smart-phone.

But apart from that everything is running fine using DslrDashboard test v4 + camera (Nikon D700). Automatic recognition of the camera etc. and a fast and responsive working WiFi connection to my Android smart-phone (LG Optimus 4F - P875). In my case seems better working, more reliable and quick than the more early v0.30.30 version.


By the reset of the changed OpenWRT functionality by the 3-way side switch and power-off/power-on, I flashed back again the older firmware version + installed the older DslrDashboard v0.30.30 (+ Open CV manager).
Application is running again without reset of OpenWRT settings by the 3-way side switch and power-off/power-on.

In meanwhile at Google Play a new "official" version DslrDashboard v0.30.31 is up for download.
Did the update, but no connection to my camera any-more (and yes verified the WiFi connection).
Does this version make use of the older OpenWRT firmware
or the edited test firmware ddserver_openwrt-tl-mr3040-v2-squashfs-factory_0.11.bin
or even another version of OpenWRT ?


...also check out: