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New files doesn't appear if LRT is open

#1 klape
This is just a little issue I have that can be a bit annoying at time, I have to close and open LRT again to be able to see new files in the explorer of LRT, for example I open LRT to deflicker the time lapse, and I use Camera Raw to export the files to JPEG, then I have to close/relaunch LRT so it can see the JPEG files Camera created to make the video.
Hopefully someone can understand my issue, maybe the software is build in a way where it can't see new files ?
#2 gwegner
On the top right of any directory chooser there is a small blue arrow icon which you can press to update the directory structure.
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#3 klape
Oh okay, I thought this icon was some kind of update of the preview because it's on the same line as the others icons that deal with the preview,
Thanks !

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