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New Firmware for Pro Timer Fee MAX 2

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
there is a new version of the firmware for the Pro Timer Free MAX2. Besides some bugs that have been fixed, I have a to my mind very useful feature built in. Storing all TL parameters for all modes. This means that all settings such as Interval, No of Shots ... are stored per mode in the EEPROM and read out again when the mode is called up. This saves you a u.U. Enter the parameter longer, especially if the same or similar parameters are used again and again. So also by a mode change from eg TL (M) to TL Bulb / Astro and back, the respective settings are not changed. I have removed the setting of the interval in the setting menu.
The new version is attached and runs on my PTFM modules with LCD or TFT display, as well as on the DIY version with MEGA 2560 and LCD.
I would be glad about a feedback or test results
Best regards,
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.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_MAX_2_V1_20.zip (Size: 36.79 KB / Downloads: 8)

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