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NEW LRTimelapse ProTimer free EXT Version 1.12, TLSMC Software incl. User Manuals !!

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
I've made a few changes to my Pro Timer software. After the simplified input of the time for "Delay Time" I also implemented this input for the "Bulb Exposure Time". Furthermore, I have eliminated a few bugs.

Here is an overview of the extensions / changes compared to version 0.92

Changes and extensions
Changed menu navigation (see Flow Chart in the manual)
• Delay before timelapse sequence
• Auto display off
• Simplified entry of long times (delay time and bulb exposure)

Setup menu for setting and saving the following parameters:
• Min Dark Time
• Decoupling time
• Start Interval
• Display Brightness

Menu for setting the required parameters for motion control in connection with TLSMC:
• Delay Time
• Interval
• No of shots
• Shoot move delay
• Move Distance (Distance per Step is calculated automatically)
• M-S-M ramping (Distance Ramping)

Display auto off
• Display off after 20 seconds (if no key is pressed)
• Auto Display on after pressing any key
• Display on / off with the Select key

Operation manual:
It has been asked in the forum many times for a manual for the pro timer.
I took the time to write a manual for version 1.12.

The software for the TLSMC has been extended regarding the use of different stepper motors.

The version Por_Timer_free_ext V1.12, the TLSMC software V1.05 as well as manuals for both software versions can be found in the appendix.

For the TLSMC I still have kits available. If interested, just let me know!!

I would be happy, if MANY load the version on their Pro Timer and give a feedback !!!!
Attached Files

.zip   TLSMC1_05.zip (Size: 4.09 KB / Downloads: 34)
.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_SMC_Free_EXT_112.zip (Size: 16.3 KB / Downloads: 29)
.pdf   LRTimelpase Pro Timer extended_en.pdf (Size: 1.94 MB / Downloads: 86)
.pdf   Timelapse Stepper Motor Controller for Pro Timer_en.pdf (Size: 841.56 KB / Downloads: 85)
#2 Tenex
Hello Sheeba,

at first thanks for this great project. At the moment I study the documentation of TLSMC and I missing the schematic of the TLSMC. Is it possible to share the schematic of the whole TLSMC? Thanks in advanced.
#3 Sheeba
Hello Tenex,

the schematic you will finde here:
#4 Tenex
Hello Sheeba,

thank you for your quick answer. That is it was i searched.
#5 ramigrafx
Hi Sheba.
I have just built a new version of the pro timer as I want to test the use of the internal transistor on my Sony camera. I have loaded the Version 1.12 sketch onto the Arduino but cannot find the relevant configuration for altering from external to internal transistor. Have you abandoned this? Or can I copy it into the sketch from version 093?
On my previous build I used an opto coupler to completely isolate my camera from the pro timer instead of a transistor.
This is a very interesting project. I am in the process of building the TSMC to use with a Ratrig slider and will let you know how I progress.
#6 Sheeba
.. the option internal or external transistor is only implemented in version 0.93. If you are familiar with programming, you can copy the corresponding code from 0.93 to 1.12.
Please keep me up to date with your TLSMC project.
#7 ramigrafx
Hi Hans,
Tried the internal transistor setup using v 0.93 and v 1.12 with my Sony system but unfortunately did not work properly, so back to the original method. It was not totally wrong. It worked ok when the power was on , but when I switched the power off the Arduino kept releasing the shutter about every second. Maybe the circuit is still completed when I switched off.
The output connections for v 1.12 are different to v 0.93. In the diagram for the operation as TLSMC control you show connections to SCL and SDA on the Arduino uno. for camera 2 which I presume is to the TLSMC controller.
I have soldered pin headers onto my display shield so it easy to make connections here to the Arduino pins but when the display shield is in place pins SCL and SDA are rather inaccessible unless I bend the connecting pins. I don't like soldering the connections onto the Arduino or display shield just in case I have to make an alteration.
I am still waiting for parts for my TLSMC so I cannot test it yet.
#8 Sheeba
Hi ramigrafx,
I know that Sony cameras are a bit problematic. Did you connect the Focus? Does it work with the transistor?
The different pining at V 0.93 and 1.12 is a bit confusing. I have released a new version 0.93 / 1 in the forum. The pining is changed so that there is no difference between the versions anymore. At V 1.12 or higher, SCL and SDA are used for communication with the TLSMC at V0.93, these pins are used for a 2nd camera port. I would recommend you to do the soldering on the Arduino board, so you can always remove the display. For example, for a software update. Keep me up to date with your TLSMC.
Greetings Hans
#9 ramigrafx
Hi Hans, Which version should I be using v1.12 or v0.93/1
I have dispensed with using the internal transistor. It works but I have to link the focus and the shutter as I have done in the first PT that I built. I have built the circuit board as you have described in the pdf with v0.93/1. I have not used transistors but optocouplers incorporating a led so I know when a signal is being sent from the arduino. I have an optocoupler for pins 11, 12, SCL, and SDA I tried it on another arduino project with a sketch that triggers both focus and shutter and it works ok with my Sony camera. However it does not work on this project using v 1.12 as there is no signal from pin 11.
I have just uploaded v0.93/1 onto the arduino and I can see both leds for focus and shutter flashing so it now appears ok. I look forward to seeing the other 2 leds for SDA and SCL flashing when I get my TLSMC built.
On this build I have not soldered anything to the arduino or lcd shield. I have soldered headers pointing downwards and used push on connectors. For SCL and SDA the shield is in the way for inserting pins into the headers, so I have made bent pins which fit into the arduino headers and the connections push onto these from below. When I have finished I will post photos which may be of help to others.
On my first PT that I built I made a box out of clear perspex sheet. I will post photos of that as well
#10 Sheeba
Hi Ramigrafx,
First a general info. There are 2 versions of Pro Timer software from me. Version "Pro Timer Free" currently version 0.93 / 2 and "Pro Timer Free Ext" currently version 1.12. Pro Timer Free is the version for the standard intervalometer with 2 camera ports and version Pro Timer Free Ext is the version with stepper motor control, 1 camera port and connection to the TLSMC. In the Ext version, the handling for internal transistor is not yet implemented. So if you plan to use the TLSMC, then you can only use the Ext version. In the PT version 0.93 / 1 was still a bug regarding focus handling in the mode internal transistor. This is fixed in version 0.93 / 2 (see forum).
Greetings Hans

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