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New Version of TLSMC

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
as in my thread of the PTM here announced my new version of the TLSMC with some improvements and enhancements like:
Using the TMC2100 Silent Stepper Controller
Motor voltage is switched on delayed.
Functions for Focus Stacking implemented with a step resolution of 0.1mm (only in combination with Pro Timer MAX)
Overload protection for the motor controller.
Attached you will find the firmware and the circuit diagram.
For questions simply PM or Email.
Greetings Hans
Attached Files

.zip   TLSMC1_14.zip (Size: 7.68 KB / Downloads: 4)
.pdf   Schematic_TLSMC_3_2.pdf (Size: 60.54 KB / Downloads: 19)

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