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New Version of TLSMC

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
as in my thread of the PTM here announced my new version of the TLSMC with some improvements and enhancements like:
Using the TMC2100 Silent Stepper Controller
Motor voltage is switched on delayed.
Functions for Focus Stacking implemented with a step resolution of 0.1mm (only in combination with Pro Timer MAX)
Overload protection for the motor controller.
Attached you will find the firmware and the circuit diagram.
For questions simply PM or Email.
Greetings Hans

V 1.15 Improvement In combination with V 1.16 of the PTM improvements for positioning the 1st and last focus point. You can now drive the slider by 0.1mm by briefly pressing the buttons. for positioning the 1st and last focus point. You can now drive the slider by 0.1mm by briefly pressing the buttons.
Attached Files

.zip   TLSMC1_15.zip (Size: 7.86 KB / Downloads: 12)
.pdf   Schematic_TLSMC_3_2.pdf (Size: 60.54 KB / Downloads: 59)
#2 ramigrafx
Hi Hans,
I have finished two of these. One for the 1000 mm slider with a nema17 stepper motor with a gearbox and another which I will be using for a short focus stacking rail. I have not yet tried them but I will report back when I have.
Attached are photos of the box that I have made on my 3D printer and files are also attached
Attached Files

.zip   Top&bottom TLSMC box.zip (Size: 23.94 KB / Downloads: 3)
#3 Sheeba
Hi Richard,
The case looks very good. Congratulations !!
Thanks for sharing.
The heat sink on the TCM 2100 looks good. Was it delivered with the TCM, or did you buy it in addition?
How do you make the connection to the motor?
#4 ramigrafx
Hi Hans,
See latest photo for the connection. The heat sink is made of two small ones for a raspberry pi cemented on with Halnziye HY910 10g tube Silicone Heatsink Plaster / Thermal Adhesive Glue
#5 ramigrafx
Hi everyone who is following this theme.
I have two sliders. One 1000mm long for doing timelapse and one 160mm long for focus stacking. I built an early version of the TLSMC and adapted the software with Hans's help so that I could do focus stacking, using the LRTL Free Pro Timer EXT. Now with the latest version he has incorporated a full feature for focus stacking which works very well. I have built other systems for focus stacking and this one is definitely the best.
The new steppermotor driver, the TCM2100, is very quiet and makes a long rail ideal for shooting videos in the Move Slider function.
The function for doing timelapse works perfectly as well with my 1000mm slider.
One mistake that I made was to use the Pro Timer Max with an older version of the TLSMC and it did not work. Hans works at a phenonemal rate to develope the hardware and software and it is dificult to keep up with him. To ensure that you don't have any problems use current versions of the LRTL Pro Timer MAX and TLSMC and the latest software that he publishes here and you will have no problems.
You can build the hardware yourself using his circuit diagrams, or buy off him assembled circuit boards to make it easier.
#6 Sheeba
Hi Richard,
thank you for your nice feedback. It is a pleasure to read that everything works so well.
Regrads, Hans

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