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Norway Awakens - A Timelapse Travel - 4K

#1 LionSmith
This travel was really something amazing. We spent nearly every night somewhere out in nature... For two weeks we had great luck with the weather and everything else you need as a timelapse photographer. The God of timelapse was in a good mood and the universe presented itself from its most beautiful side. But there is also a shadow in this: Temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees every day is surely not normal in the north. The average temperature of May was 4,5° C over the longtime average. Climate change shows us already what will happen in the future. The fires in Sweden are the other side of the coin. Further we have to thank a lot our friend Nikos for his great work to compose a unique soundtrack!

#2 pisgahtime
#3 MartinA-P
Superb... specially within the combination with the music.

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