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NOSTALGIA - A story in 4K

#1 Samy
Hi everyone,
I never posted something here before so please have mercy Tongue
I would like to show you a short film that I've completed a few months ago. I hope you like it and if some of you may have some constructive criticism I would highly appreciate it.


#2 MartinA-P
Hi Samy,
because of the great scenery- time lapse I was wondering about the title... but I read the summary after watching your film.
Well, my own skills in this subject are improvable, so it would be unreasonable to criticism your work.
A least I can say: I was very impressed in a absolute positive way. Specially from the interplay of the cut and the atmospheric music together with the sound effects.
Great work. Thanks.
#3 macoda
Beautiful footage. Impeccably edited. Really enjoyed watching it. Great work Samy,

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