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Oman Time Lapse 4K

#1 FalaahNasser
Hi everyone

I would like to share with you my recent time lapse project

It took me almost two years to shoot and edit this video

I used Nikon D750 with its kit lens 24-120 f/4 for the whole project
Motion control: NMX controller adapted on a DIY slider

I hope you will find it interesting

#2 Dale Davis
Just received this posting from LR Timelapse Forum. This was a beautiful piece of work. I tried to read the comments but unfortunately all in Arabic. Almost everything was perfect with good pacing. The star shots suffered from "trailing" due to long shutter speed, but were still effective and beautiful. What editing program did you use (?Premier Pro?).
#3 FalaahNasser
Thank you very much for your nice comments

I am form Oman and Arabic is our language. I apologise for my poor english.

I am still a beginner in this type of photography. I have used LRTimelapse, adobe lightroom, adobe after effect and adobe premiere. It is all explained in the discription section in english including the gear I used.

I agree with you, I was not happy with my astro shots. I need more practice. It is one of things that I am really excited about and looking forward to learn how to perfect it.

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