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Once upon a time... climbing Moon to the deep Sky

#1 djoubert
Once upon a time ..., a moon dreaming of going through the deep sky.
Practicing climbing the prestigious summits on Earth, she realized her dream by flying to the deep sky.
To concretize this story, I selected the most appropriate time lapse sequences (about thirty among more than 500 made over 4 years / 7000 photos among more than 200 000 ...), and also astrophotography made with my telescope on this period.
The motivation for making this time lapse film is, above all, the idea of telling a story and not just collecting beautiful time lapse sequences. The world is not limited to nature and the summits that surround us. The Moon invites us to broaden our vision.
Feel free to react !
#2 VisioTempus
Superbe Dominique, bravo Smile

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