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One vs Many - Keyframe Sync Script in Lightroom

#1 kneverett
In the instructions for the Visual Workflow step 11 says:

"Edit all keyframes like this. After each one, select the current one, then shift select the last one and launch the LRTimelapse Sync Keyframes script."

Up until now I've usually only shift clicked the frame which immediately follows the current frame. Based upon my understanding of the script process and how Lightroom works, my logic tells me either method works.

Method A: Select current, edit, shift click last keyframe, run the script and select the next frame.

Method B: Select current, edit, shift click the next keyframe, run the script and select the next frame.

But am I missing something by not syncing with ALL the subsequent frames with each frame edit?

#2 gwegner
Both works, it makes no difference. If you sync to all following kf, it's easier to skip Keyframes which you wouldn't want to modify.
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#3 kneverett
Good point. Thanks!

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