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Option of adding Basic Deflicker before applying Visual Previews

#1 frantsouzov
For simple sequences, where light conditions are almost the same, I use the next workflow: process keyframes, reload them, press Auto Transition button and select the Reference area. Then I select «Basic workflow» tab, apply Basic Deflicker and press Save. Then go back to Visual Workflow tab and press «Visual Previews» button.

It generates previews with SMOOTHER Pink curve than without Basic Deflicker, so Visual Deflicker has less work to do. It is really helpful «in the field», when laptop is connected to the battery of my car, and time-lapse processing goes faster.

So is it possible to add new button for adding Basic Deflicker in the Visual Workflow near the Visual Previews, or maybe hotkey like Cmd+D? Or maybe checkbox in the Options Window «Ask about applying Basic Deflicker before generating Visual Previews»? Thanks!

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