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Order / License shipment

#1 tigercat
I am about to purchase a LRTimelapse license. As payment method I choose bank transfer since not having a Paypal account. It says "Your order will be shipped when the funds have cleared in our account". Fair enough.

Let me ask real quick, since my current permanent residency is in Asia. Will there be any conventional mail (invoice or even product code) being sent to this address (or "just" used for VAT declaration)? I would rather expect a download or an email. It has practical reasons for me to have all digital, mail delivery to my home is not reliable.

Couldn't find any answer on the website or in the forum.

Thank you
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#2 gwegner
Hi, everything will be digital. You'll get an email with the invoice and one with the license key, asap when your payment clears.
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#3 tigercat
Dear Gunther, thanks, this is all what I needed to know. Order's on the way...

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