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Ornithogalum Dubium 22 Days (link added) ( Sad loss )

#1 aleksejs.saveljevs
I have been in Timelapse community for less than a year and i am improving a lot.
Many videos make me feel, that i am getting closer and closer to catching a big fish, but sometimes sad moments happen too Sad

Unfortunately this plant has died to various insects, that couldn't be dealt at that time.

Enjoy wonderful adventure of this plant, that our team has called Phoenix flames Smile Deep in our hearts we miss this plant Sad

Interval 3 Minutes.
Around 10,4k Photos.

LRTimelapse render settings:
Codec: ProRes
Resolution: 4k
60 fps (In video was sped up 175%) (525% for revers)
Quality: Ultra High
Color Sampling: 444
Gamut: Sandard
Sharpening: Enabled

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