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Pan/Zoom/Adjust Crop with > 2 keyframes

#1 Navanax
I tried to search for this issue in the forum but was unable to find it. If I'm mistaken, please feel free to simply point me in the right direction. Thanks!

I've been trying my hand at some sunrise time lapses, which obviously calls for the holy grail approach. However, I noticed it was quite difficult to include any type of panning or zooming in the time lapse when you have anything more than one keyframe at the beginning and one keyframe at the end. This is because as you're moving through the keyframes from beginning to end and pasting settings, the crop stays the same until the get to the penultimate keyframe, at which point the transition (pan, zoom, whatever) starts happening.

Is there a way to pan or zoom throughout the whole sequence and have LRTimelapse ignore the keyframes in the middle of the time lapse? Up until now, I've been removing all the keyframes in the middle, loading the metadata into LRTimelapse, auto-transitioning, saving metadata, reinserting keyframes, saving metadata again, then making edits in lightroom. Unfortunately, this process is a pain when you forget to do it and you've already made a whole bunch of edits to the photos corresponding to the keyframes in the middle of your sequence.

Any thoughts?
#2 Ulli
Click on the first picture, press Shift and Click on the last Picture.
Select only the columns you want to animate - in this example the 5 Crop-Parameters - than select individual transition at the bottom and choose the proper one.
#3 gwegner
It's explained in detail in this FAQ entry: http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-anim...-keyframes
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#4 Navanax
Oh, excellent. I thought I was probably missing it somewhere. Thank you both so much!

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