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Panning devices

#1 bodywise

I have been using the Radian I pan head for years. I am having connection problems. What is the best motorized pan head as an alternative to the Radian by AlpineLabaoratories?
#2 gwegner
Check out the Nic-O-Tilt on https://blackforestmotion.com - in my opinion that hardware is really good. Also their controller and slider are very well done. It's the gear that I currently use.
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#3 cojcoj
Check out Syrp, withtheir Genie, and Genie Mini
#4 Ralph
I'd look for a system that had a slave mode. Then I could also trigger the system with an external intervalometer such as the Pro Timer. I have been using the NMX and Stage R of Dynamic Perception for years. https://www.dynamicperception.com
If I bought something new today, I would choose Black Forest Motion.
2016-02-02, 04:25
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