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PDF editions of Nightscapes and Time-Lapse eBook

#1 AlanDyer
Hello all,

For the last 3 years my Nightscapes & Time-Lapse eBook had been available only for Apple iBooks. By popular request, I have converted it to PDF format, splitting it into two volumes. As PDFs these can be viewed on any device and operating system, desktop or mobile. Apple users are still best served by the iBooks edition.

Both versions of the eBook have identical content and are up to date as of August 2018, with lots of equipment advice and reviews, and tutorials for software, including of course, LRTimelapse v5. I also include tutorials on some non-Adobe programs I can recommend (though none will work with LRTimelapse) such as Affinity Photo, ON1 Photo Raw, and DxO PhotoLab.

All the details and content listings are at my website, with links to purchase the books.


I think you will find these to be the most comprehensive guides to the subject on the market.

Many thanks!

-- Alan
— Alan Dyer

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#2 gwegner
I can only recommend Alans Books. They are a source of valuable information even for experienced photographers!
Check out my e-book Time Lapse Shooting and Processing!
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