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pinpoint stars become startrails in fast video?!

#1 martienjanssen
I'm working on a fast-paced timelapse movie, which includes many scenes of the Milky Way, sped up up to 500%. My nice pinpoint stars become startrails in the playback though. If you pause the video, you'll see pinpoint stars, but playback creates trails. The faster the scene, the longer the trails.

I tested in various players on different machines, it's the same everywhere. I also have scenes of hot air balloons flying at Bagan, which get this weird effect when played fast. I don't have any effects used or enabled in After Effects which could create this either.

I guess this is just a property of video, probably meant for playback-improvement. But I'd just like to understand what is happening exactly. Anyone have any idea?

Would there be a fix or work-around? Or is t just the sacrifice you have to make for 'fast moving pixels'? Perhaps a high framerate would 'solve' it, but yeah..
#2 gwegner
Did you activate Motion Blur Plus when rendering? If course that would lead to such an effect. Try turning it off, if you don't want motion blur.

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